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gif to flash converter help you to convert the animated GIFs into popular Macromedia's
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10 June 2009

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GIF to Flash Converter is a GIF to SWF file converter and GIF frames capture software. Using this software you can export SWF from GIF files, and you can extract picture separate pictures.

Features: Application user interface is nicely designed; you can manage all the functions and operations from a single screen. To convert animated GIF file to SWF file, you need to follow simple steps. Open animated GIF file, you can see it on screen with all the details like frame count, frame height, frame width and GIF length. In export configuration setting, define the directory where you would like to store your converted file. Select the size from available options or you can define custom size and select frame rate. Click on “Convert to Flash” button to create SWF file.

With this application you can also convert GIF image to single pictures or BMP, TGA images sequence. Open GIF file and define output folder to store image file. On Right mouse click you will get three options as ExportSingle, Export BMP sequences and Export TGA sequences. Click the ExportSingle and select an output from supported image format such as BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and TIF. Your converted GIF file will be stored in a defined folder.

Overall: It is a simple application to create SWF file form animated GIF file. You can also convert GIF file to popular image file formats.

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gif to flash converter help you to convert the animated GIFs into popular Macromedia's (now Adobe) SWF file format. You can use the produced SWF files as banners for your web site. extract the individual frames out of the animated GIFs.
gif to flash conver Feature Summary
Convert animated GIF to Flash SWF .
Convert to BMP,TIFF,JPEG, PNG image series.
Capture a frame to a bmp,jpeg,gif,tiff,png file
Frame by frame: This mode runs Gif frame by frame, and is suitable for batch converting.
Convert to BMP and TGA images sequence.
Customizable frame rate for exported swf file
Customizable dimensions for exported swf file
Gif To flash Converter 1.4 application does not requires the users to put in much effort as the program¡¯s feature-set is trouble free to operate. In few simple steps you an easily convert the gif file into swf. Using the ¡®Open File¡¯ feature you can load the GIF file into the program. The selected file is displayed at the middle left, and the features are shown at the right of the screen. With the next step you need to select the directory for storing the converted files. You can set the ¡®Export Config¡¯ for the output file to posses ½ Original Size, Original Size, 2x original size, 3x Original Size, or select Custom Size, and set the Frame Rate. Making the selection you simply need to hit ¡®Convert to Flash¡¯ option and the program would begin with the conversion process. The program supports file exporting features like Export Single, Export BMP sequence and Export Tga Sequence.
Gif To Flash Converter 1.4 program enables users to convert GIF files into .swf and save the required gif frames as required. The program incorporates user-friendly customization features, and exhibits competence in conversion process.
GIF to Flash Converter
GIF to Flash Converter
Version 1.4
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